Energize Delaware Solar Loan Program

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Applicant Eligibility

  • Deleware Resident
  • Homeowner of a single family home or duplex
  • Minimum Credit Score of 650
  • Maximum Monthly Debt to Income Ratio of 40%

All applicants are required to submit their past four months of pay stubs or any other source of income

System Requirements 

  • Any storage capacity has to be priced such that the total system cost does not exceed $3.25/installed watt of generation. This limit is subject to change by the SEU
  • The system must meet the Green Grant Delaware requirements

Optimum array orientation is 180°. The program accepts solar arrays oriented between South of due East and South of due West or between 80° and 260° magnetic. Systems installed between 260° and 80° magnetic or North of due East and North of due West are not eligible for a Green Energy Program Grant.

Optimum array tilt is equal to the latitude at the installation site. However, the program accepts array tilt parameters as specified by the module manufacturer which may allow for tilts greater than and less than latitude.

Arrays shall be installed such that the array has a minimum of six (6) hours of unobstructed sunshine daily inclusive of solar noon. A “solar window” of eight (8) hours of unobstructed sunshine is preferred. The installing contractor shall perform a “Solar Shade Analysis” to ensure the array meets the minimum daily sunshine requirements. Results of the solar shade analysis must determine that 70% of the annual solar path’s area is shade free to be considered for a grant.

Loan details

Total Loan Amount Interest Rate Maximum Term
$5,000 – $30,000 3.9% 10 years

*Total Loan cannot exceed 70% of the Total Project Cost

Application Process

Applications can be completed online by the homeowner at GreenGrantDelaware.com The application has two parts, initial and final. After Part I is submitted, applicants will receive an eligibility letter via email. If approved, the solar project may begin. Applicants must begin their installation within three months of the acceptance. Once the installation is complete, the applicant must complete Part II. Part II must be completed within six months.

After Part II documents have been submitted and reviewed, the applicant will receive a notice via email. Once funds have been dispersed to the installer, the homeowner will begin their loan repayment the following month. Homeowners can opt for paper or electronic statements.

Application Example