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Solar Panels Installation in Maryland & Delaware

Invest in your own solar electric system and start saving!

Save money with Solar

With a 25 year warranty on the panels, your solar electric system is virtually a permanent money generating addition to your home. In Delaware and Maryland people save thousands every year.

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System starts producing energy. Meter is slowing down

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Sun generates more power than needed. Energy is sent back to the power company

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Night: meter spinning forward

No power produced. Energy comes from power company

Why Solar Panels?

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Along with saving on your electric bill, solar panels provide additional savings with solar renewable energy credits (SRECs). Owning a solar electric system provides a significant increase in resale value for your home or business. Invest a little today and save for years to come.

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The Federal government offers a 30% federal income tax credit which applies to the total cost of the system. Additional state and local rebates may be available which help reduce total costs significantly.



Electric utility rates will continue to increase over time. Installing your own solar electric system reduces your dependence on the power company and can make rate increases irrelevant.



Solar panel manufacturers provide a 25 year warranty. All major components of the system are designed to last at least 20 years relatively maintenance free. As an installer we provide a 10 year installation guarantee. In turn provides you a long lasting worry free installation.

Our clients say:

One of my greatest experiences was with Green Street Solar. Courteous, honest, accommodating, professional, and absolutely awesome.

Bob C.

The guys in the crew that did my system knew what they were doing and I liked it so much I got them back out to my home and got a few more panels put on. This company does good work and takes no shortcuts.

Warren M.

Green Street Solar took care of all aspects of our installation. Our sales contact answered our every email and phone call quickly and completely. I would recommend the company to everyone interested in installing solar.

Dale B.

The system proved to be better than we were told. Our sales rep explained the process to us and it was a very smooth installation. The installers were very polite and kept us informed through every step. Would recommend Green Street Solar to everyone.

Holly G.

Professional, reliable, honest and reliable. I am so glad to have found Green Street Solar and had the pleasure of using them for this project.

Robert P.
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Start saving with solar panels

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