Residential solar system in Salisbury, MD

Estimated yearly savings up to $3,920
Salisbury, MD-1
Salisbury, MD-2
Salisbury, MD-3
Salisbury, MD-4
Salisbury, MD-5

A beautiful install on a beautiful house, it doesn't get much better! 62 Solar World All Black 290w Panels with an 11.4 and a 5.0 Fronius Inverter.


Salisbury, DE

18.00 kW
Fronius 11.4 and a 5.0
Models of Panels
Solar world 290w black (62)
Yearly savings

Our clients say

I consulted about ten different solar energy companies before picking GreenStreet and it was definitely bacause of their knowledge base and lowstress appoach. I recommend them to everyone.

Gray Smith