Solar system for Bayside Exteriors in Salisbury, MD

Estimated yearly savings up to $4,342
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Salisbury-Bayside Exteriors-2
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This business owner went with 72 silver framed solar panels mounted on the roof of his business and will save an estimated $3,760 in electric savings alone. We are happy to be affiliated with a top-notch local roofing expert like Bayside Exteriors.


Salisbury, DE

22.00 kW
Symo 10.0 (2)
Models of Panels
Solar World 300w (72)
Yearly savings
Video file
Morning: meter spinning slowly

System starts producing energy. Meter is slowing down

Video file
Noon: meter spinning backward

Sun generates more power than needed. Energy is sent back to the power company

Video file
Night: meter spinning forward

No power produced. Energy comes from power company