King Pallet solar system in Delmar, MD

Estimated yearly savings up to $6,081
Delmar-King Pallet-1
Delmar-King Pallet-2
Delmar-King Pallet-3
Delmar-King Pallet-4


This business owner went with 96 solar panels mounted on the roof of his business and will save an estimated $4,480 in electric savings alone. Over the years we had already installed a couple of systems on homes that this customer owned so we were more than happy to install this system on his business in Delmar, MD.


Parsonsburg, MD

28.00 kW
Symo 12.0 (2)
Models of Panels
Solar World 295w (96)
Yearly savings
Video file

Morning: meter spinning slowly

System starts producing energy. Meter is slowing down

Video file

Noon: meter spinning backward

Sun generates more power than needed. Energy is sent back to the power company

Video file

Night: meter spinning forward

No power produced. Energy comes from power company