Solar Power: The Leading Source of Energy of the Next Era

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More and more American businesses and residents are realizing the need and advantages of solar energy. As a sustainable power source, solar power is becoming increasingly popular for those seeking clean energy for daily consumption. It is also becoming an incredibly important source of energy for the near future.

Solar panels installation already are on the rise and are helping millions across the nation save money. These low-maintenance, high-reliability systems ensure that homeowners and businesses need not to worry about system failures or weather-related damage. Currently, businesses and homeowners with solar panels can receive a federal tax break for the cost of installation. Solar power is typically less expensive than power from the utility company and is projected to cost half as much as traditional fossil fuel sources within the next decade. There are also some states in the U.S. that are initiating programs built to drive investment in the local clean energy economy.

In Maryland, a new statewide pilot program has been enacted. The three-year initiative aims to add over 200 MW of solar power to the community. It also will allow smaller and rural areas to use existing solar facilities while encouraging construction of new systems in the urban and suburban areas of Maryland. Participants in the state do not need to own the solar panels but will have the right to share the production of electricity from solar.

A leader in the next wave of clean energy, solar has many advantages for businesses of all sizes. Because they require a flat surface that is easy to acquire, the placement of solar panels does not cause chaos or an eyesore to rural landscapes or city views. On farms, panels can be installed on the roof of sheds, barns and livestock buildings. Businesses can equip their roofs and even parking lots with solar photovoltaic canopies, which add shade for parked cars on sunny days.

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