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Looking for more information about solar panel installations in Upper Marlboro, MD? Green Street Solar is your local solar installation expert in Prince George’s County and throughout Maryland and Delaware.


Solar panels allow homeowners and business owners are a long term investment that will inevitably pay off for the years to come. Installing solar panels in Upper Marlboro, MD is easy with the help of Green Street Solar. Once your panels are installed, you can save more than $2,000.00 a year compared to traditional energy costs. Not only do the figures exemplify the benefits of adding a residential solar panel to your home, but can help reduces one's carbon footprint substantially.


Solar panel installations in Upper Marlboro, MD should always be performed by highly qualified commercial and residential solar panel installers like Green Street Solar. Delaware and Maryland have embraced the need for a cleaner form of energy, which is why they have introduced grant programs for homes and businesses. Solar grant programs make implementing home solar panels and solar solutions easier and more affordable than ever before. Click on these links to learn more about the current Maryland state rebate programs and business incentives.



Green Street Solar offers special packages for Maryland residents and businesses owners that are specialized for their specific needs. Our most popular package costs most Maryland residents $13,200 after incentives and produces +/- $3,200 worth of savings per year! With the capability of selling harnessed energy from your solar panels back to the power company, you are essential "spinning the meter backwards" and getting a worthwhile on your investment.


Check out some of the incentives & rebates available for Maryland homeowners and business owners interested in implementing solar solutions.

  • State of Maryland Grant of $1,000 for homeowners

  • State of Maryland Grant of up to $50,000 for businesses

  • In addition the Federal Government offers a 30% tax credit

  • Note: certain Maryland Counties have a property tax credit up to $5,000

  • Businesses can apply accelerated (bonus) depreciation


If you are interested in financing solar panels for your Maryland home we offer affordable financing programs for homeowners located in Maryland or Delaware. Your complete system cost including the energy grants and federal tax credit may be eligible for our %0 same as cash offer. Learn more about the statistics behind investing in solar panels in Upper Marlboro, MD, visit our costs and savings page.


To learn more about our solar solutions, installations and solar panels in Upper Marlboro, MD, contact us today and schedule your free in home estimate. Or feel free to call us at (800) 834-5196.