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To give you an idea of how solar applications be applied to Residential Homes and Business, we compiled this list of actual customers where we installed Solar Electric PV Systems:

City: Houston
State: Delaware

Residential Roof & Ground Mount Solar Installation

In order to save ground in this customers back yard we installed a combination roof & ground mount solar system, maxi...

City: Wilmington
State: Delaware

Commercial Solar System Installation

This is an example of a flat roof solar installation installed by solar professionals of Delaware & Maryland, here at Green Street Sola...

City: Kennedyville
State: Maryland

Ground Mount Residential Solar Installation

This is an example of a ground mount solar system. This customer was able to give up a small portion of land in his back yard for fo...

City: Townsend
State: Delaware

Residential Roof Mount Solar Installation

This is an example of a roof mount solar installation. This homeowner will generate enough power to knock out more than half of their...

City: Delmar
State: Maryland

Roof Mount Solar Installation | Green Street Solar

This is another example of a residential solar system. The owners will benefit from the energy that is created, as well as th...

City: Rehoboth Beach
State: Delaware

3.264kW Uni-Solar


Green Street Solar recently installed 3.264kW worth of American Made, Uni-Solar on two new pavilions located at the DE Seasho...