Solar Energy Systems

You already know that solar electricity produces clean energy and is good for the environment. But did you know that there have never been more reasons to buy a solar electric system for your home or business?

With  incentives and tax credits, solar electricity is affordable and Green Street Solar makes it easy. We take care of ordering the proper parts, handling the grant process, working with inspectors and the utility company, and installing your own solar electric system.

We take an honest approach to assessing your energy needs and your solar power potential. We provide you with a free solar assessment to best determine your solar capabilities and a free energy analysis to best determine your most cost-effective ways to lower your energy use.

It is through this approach that we can do what is right for our customer: make their energy use as low as possible at the best price for their needs.

You, too, can greatly reduce your electric bills and produce energy credits. Call Green Street Solar for a free and easy solar assessment while all of the great incentives are still available! View our list of service areas we provide solar solutions installations for.