Solar Installations

Installations performed by trained professionals.

This customer chose to go with 49 black framed solar panels for the front of his home and 36 silver framed panels for the back of his home which can’t be seen from the street.

The system with 280w all black SolarWorld panels on the house and garage. They chose to go with black framed panels, which give a sleek look from the road.

This customer went from an average electric bill of $350 a month to only paying around $100 a month. From April to November, the production was enough to knock out the bill completely.

A beautiful install on a beautiful house, it doesn't get much better! 62 Solarworld All Black 290w Panels with an 11.4 and a 5.0 Fronius Inverter.

These customers will now save over $150 a month with this beautiful solar installation. This system consists of (39) SolarWorld 285 Mono Black Frame panels covering the back.

This customer chose to go with 20 black framed solar panels for his main roof and 24 black framed solar panels for his garage roof. He will save an estimated $2,113 each year in electric alone.