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Every day, more and more people are learning about the great benefits of solar energy. Aside from homes, solar panels can be placed on numerous other buildings and flat structures including, log cabins, farms, schools, businesses, and even military bases.


Homes- Thousands of homeowners have opted for solar energy because of the tremendous home value increase it provides. Depending on the size of the system, some home values can increase by $18,000 - $30,000 for a medium-sized home. Lower electricity costs and substantial government tax breaks have also attracted many homeowners to choose solar power. For home use, solar powers appliances, water heaters, lighting and entertainment devices. In the states of Maryland and Delaware, homeowners can deduct some of their solar energy system costs. Follow the links for more information about incentives and rebates for solar panel installations in Maryland and Delaware.


Log cabins- Log cabins provide nature lovers a chance to escape from the buzzing of everyday life, including traditional electricity sources. There are many cabins that are powered by clean, quiet, pollution free energy with solar panels. This form of renewable energy helps to maintain the relaxing and natural elements of the great outdoors. Solar panels installed on the roofs of cabins and sheds work in all climates, as long as they are facing sunlight.


Schools- Solar panel installations work great at schools because they use an optimal surface; large, flat rooftops. Many schools who have chosen to go green have reduced their electric bill by thousands of dollars, helping them save money for educational technology and resources. Schools are great places for solar power not only because of solar’s cost effectiveness, but also because of the educational opportunities they provide to students learning about sciences and the environment. Many educational institutions are even giving their parking lots multiple purposes with solar photovoltaic canopies, which add shade for parked cars on sunny days.


MIlitary bases- The largest military solar panel installation in the Northeast was in New Jersey, at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst. The 16.5 megawatt project featured 50,000 solar panels that was estimated to produce more than 21,000 megawatt hours of renewable energy annually, which is enough to power about 2,500 homes.


Farms- Farmland has become fertile territory for clean energy. Farms can have solar panels installed on the roof of barns and livestock buildings. The number of megawatts developers can generate per acre of farmland varies, based on weather patterns, size of the panels and sloping of the land. Solar powers these farming items/equipment: water pump generators, crop irrigation systems, cold storage refrigeration systems.


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