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Solar powered energy is becoming more popular and is slowly taking over the country. There have been 1 million solar panel installations in the United States and there are over 80 businesses and industries, including the military, that have switched to solar. By 2018, there will be an estimated 2 million solar installations. Why are so many people choosing solar energy over other forms of energy? Because of the many benefits it has for Earth and humans.


Clean - Unlike fossil fuels that emit dirty chemicals into the atmosphere, solar energy and photovoltaic (PV) are not harmful to the Earth, nor any of its living creatures or humans.


Renewable - With solar, there is no need to cut down trees, like you would for electric poles, nor is there a need to treat it in a process plant or collect a stockpile of fuel. The only requirement for solar energy is adequate access to sunlight. Even on cloudy days, panels directed towards the sun will efficiently produce energy to your home or business.


Affordable - Because solar uses less energy than electric each year, you will have a lower utility bill.  You also can get federal and state tax credits for the installation of panels on your home or business.


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