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As the US prepares for the official beginning of Winter and the Northeast braces itself for heavy snowstorms, homeowners and businesses running on solar energy are probably wondering whether solar panels will work during Winter.


Solar energy is created by sunlight. Even if you live in a snowy climate, solar panels will produce energy as long as there's enough sunlight. Sometimes, solar panels work better in the winter, because the cooler temperatures help boost their efficiency.


Cold, sunny weather is actually good for panels. Winter months are good for solar energy production. Solar panels function more efficiently in cold conditions than in hot, just like most electronics. For each hour of sunshine during the short days of winter, your panels will produce more power.


Snow is generally bad for solar panels. When solar panels are completely covered with snow, they can’t produce energy. The smooth, tilted surface of solar panels make it easier for snow to quickly melt and slide off after receiving a lot of sun. For large amounts of snow, careful, manual removal may be the best option. You can remove the snow using a solar panel snow rake or a similar tool made especially for solar panel snow removal that won’t damage the panels.


It’s important that solar panels are built to withstand seasonal changes so they continue to perform well in the winter. For best results, choose a high-quality system that will stand up to your climate.


Don’t let Winter weather discourage you from going solar! Many homeowners have both solar panels and snow, and some of the most popular regions in the U.S. for solar have snowy Winters. Green Street Solar offers a 25 year warranty on your solar panels. Green Street Solar offers the most professional solar installation services in DelMarVa. Contact us today by calling 1(800) 834-5196 or visiting our contact page.