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The question of whether solar panel works on cloudy days is a common question when people are deciding or not whether solar panels will be beneficial to them. The simple answer is yes. With that being the case, clouds do affect the amount of electricity solar panels can create. If it is a very cloudy day solar panels will only produce 10-25 percent of the electricity of a bright and sunny day.  The amount of electricity created from solar panels will vary depending on the density of the cloud as well as the type of solar panel you are using.

If you’ve ever been sunburned during a cloudy day, you know that ultraviolet light can get through the cloud which means the ultraviolet rays can reach the solar panels to help create electricity. The same thing is true in foggy weather. If you live in place with frequent fog you can still generate electricity when the fog rolls in.

When deciding on whether solar panels will help you save money on your electric bill, you should consider how much sunshine you get over the entire year. Some places will have more sunshine than other places however if a location gets extreme summer heat, solar panels don’t work as efficiently compared to somewhere that doesn’t.

Interesting Fact: Germany is the leader in solar power while having more cloudy days than just about anywhere in the United States.

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