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Solar panels on shingle roofs are truly becoming a much more common addition to households and businesses throughout Maryland and Delaware. There are markets like Maryland and Delaware where asphalt, tile, wood, and slate shingles makes up 90% of the systems installed on. As the population continues to grow throughout Maryland and Delaware, so does the diversity of preferences and we are starting to see much more clay tile roofs in some cases. This may be a troublesome matter for many homeowners and inexperienced professionals who install solar panels themselves, which is why hiring a set of professionals is not only the safest option, but fastest too.

Installing solar panel on a shingle roof is no small matter for a, “do it yourself” type of individual. It presents some serious challenges that may leave one incapable successfully installing a solar panel. For one, how you and your solar panel move across the roof itself is very difficult and hazardous task. Shingle Roofs tile are very resilient to the elements, but not so resilient to the foot steps of a 180 pound installer, carrying and even heavier object! As a result, our installation teams are trained in how to move across a shingle roof so as to minimize the risk of breaking or tearing any shingles. Not all solar panel installation companies are willing to take on the added responsibility of servicing this market and for good reason. However, the finished product can look incredible when done correctly by the professionals of Green Street Solar.

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