Costs and Savings - Residential Solar System

Save money with solar panels in Maryland.

Navigating and combining the various grant programs and tax incentives for Solar Electric Systems can be a daunting task. Green Street Solar will help you along the way.

Typically a solar system pays for itself in about 9 years. From then on you will reap benefits of $1,500 - $3,000 per year dependant on your system size.


To illustrate how all these programs work together look at chart below. This shows a typical system installed on a home in Maryland:

In addition to the typical Federal and State Tax Credits, some Counties in Maryland offer a Property tax Credit.

It is through the combination of all available programs and incentives that you will enjoy more than 25 years of substantial savings. Most systems pay for themselves in about 9 years. After that energy and renewable energy credit proceeds are "free".

With shrinking government "pockets", Energy credits and tax incentives have been reduced in the last 18 months, so now is the time to act!


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