Shrink your power bill in Delaware

We found that the primary motivation for buying a solar system is to reduce your energy bill. As an owner of a solar system you will:

  • Sell power back to the power company
    (Spin the meter backwards)

  • Sell so called Renewable Energy Credits for cash! (think of it as green airline points)

Green Street Solar offers special packages for Delaware residents and businesses. Our most popular package, costs most Delaware residents $13,200 after incentives and produces +/- $3,200 worth of savings per year!

Delaware has embraced the move to Clean Energy

The following Incentives & Rebates are available

  • Green Energy Fund Rebate up to $3,000
  • In addition the Federal Government offers a 30% tax credit
  • Businesses can apply accelerated (bonus depreciation)

When you combine these two programs, you could be eligible for up to 50% off of your total system price!

Next Step:  Review our pricing example to see how you can get started:  solar pricing example.